Let’s go Viral - enhance your video OTT experience

Engage, Monetise and Distribute your video content with the highest-quality viewing experience
Monetize your way
Set up subscriptions, rentals or one-time buys for access to your VOD and live streams.
All branded apps
Building and managing all your Mobile and Big screen Apps has never been easier with Viral.
Best-in-class features
Product innovation and evolution are key to your video streaming platform success.
Ready within days
Time matters, let’s not waste it. Our ready-to-go solution will enable to launch your OTT in just few days.
Scale your business
  • Advances Analytics Tool
  • Keep control of your Users Data
  • Transparent and easy to understand variable fees
  • Pick your ideal business model and monetise your video content
  • Transparent and easy Pricing
  • Best-in-class Video Player
  • Live streaming made it simple
  • No limits to your number of subscribers
  • Global currency collection
  • All major Apps ready to launch
Video player matters
  • Live low latency streaming
  • Enable users to watch 4K high- definition content
  • Picture in picture view
  • VR and 360o
Engage with the best
video experience
  • Server ad insertion
  • Multiple audio tracks
  • Multiple subtitles
  • Native player SKD’s
  • Overlay ad
  • DRM streaming
Track what really matters
With Viral in-built analytics, monitor performance in real-time has never been so easy. Provide the best experience for your viewers tracking the KPIs that really matter for you.
Comparison dashboard
A/B testing customer segment comparisons
Live stream monitoring
Keep on top of your live streams in real time
General overview dashboard
All the basics to get you started
Developer Playground
Easily explore the data you generate
What our Clients say
Boost your ROI with the best Viral player
Highest quality with the lowest bitrates ensures a clear return on your investment