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Frequent questions
Is there a fee for users?
No, our prices are based on 4 different tiers and 3 only variable fees (CDN, Storage and Encoding). No hidden costs or extra costs per user will be applied.
How fast can I go live?
Our solution is designed to go up and running in hours, not in months. The website version can be live in just 48/72h.
How do I upload my videos?
You can upload videos individually or via a batch upload. Contact with our team for further informations.
How can I collect my revenues?
We won’t collect revenues on your behalf but all the money you’ll make we will go directly to your bank account, unless you request otherwise.
What business model can I apply to my users?
You can choose between AVOD (advertising), SVOD (subscription) or PPV (pay-per-view) or even a combination of all of them.
Can I migrate from other platforms?
Of course. If you will select the Gold or Platinum package, then the content migration will be free of extra charge.
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