Artificial Intelligence for Sports Production

StreamViral's AI Sports Production Solutions are tailored to meet the production needs
High Quality AI
Capturing all your games in stunning HD, StreamViral partners with the best AI video technology and hardware manufacturers to create a high quality AI production.
Lowest Latecy for Live
The StreamViral AI live sports production setup offers one of the lowest latency live streams on the market, providing live streams and viewing in almost real time.
Low Running Costs
With no need for expensive camera crews, kit hire and production teams, the AI system has it all, simply arrive, deploy the camera and click GO.
Full Integrated
Deep integration with Stream Viral's OTT platform brings all your production and OTT management under a single platform, reducing management overhead and costs
AI Sports Production Solutions Aligned to your OTT

StreamViral has partnered with AI technology manufacturers that enable sports clubs and leagues to effortlessly create TV productions for live streaming without the need for camera operators. This innovative solution is particularly beneficial for smaller clubs and leagues operating on a limited budget, as it allows them to achieve professional camera productions at a fraction of the cost typically associated with traditional production companies.

There are various AI technology solutions available for sports production, and StreamViral can assist you in selecting the most suitable one for your needs. Whether you prefer a mobile set-up or a more sophisticated permanent installation, AI can seamlessly replace the role of a camera operator, facilitating zoom and multi-camera productions. The AI system incorporates advanced ball and people tracking functionality, resulting in captivating sports productions at a significantly reduced cost compared to on-site camera teams for live action. Moreover, these productions can be streamed directly to your StreamViral OTT platform, ensuring seamless live coverage.

Cost Effective Flexible AI Video Production for Sports

There are various camera setups available, depending on the manufacturer. These setups range from a cost-effective AI robot on a mobile stand that can control a standard camcorder fixed to the robot, to a more permanent solution utilizing a panoramic camera with an on-site or cloud-based AI engine.

In the case of a panoramic camera, a high-resolution 16K camera captures and records the entire pitch, while the AI system generates a real-time software cut-out of the panoramic image. This cut-out produces a dynamic and zoomed-in view of the action, simulating the perspective of a camera operator. Additionally, there is an option to include side cameras that the AI can control for a multi-camera production. Typically, the panoramic camera setup is more permanent in nature. With AI cameras in place, professional broadcast productions can be achieved without the need for an on-site production team, resulting in significant cost savings.

Our AI camera setups support a wide range of sports, including soccer, baseball, ice hockey, floorball, rugby, basketball, football, futsal, netball, as well as various equestrian activities such as horse show-jumping, dressage, and horse racing. Furthermore, we provide coverage for greyhound racing and velodrome cycling, ensuring that your sporting events are fully supported by our AI technology.

Contact us now at StreamViral to discuss your production needs and we would be happy to advise on a best approach of AI camera for your live streaming requirements.