15 December, 2021 1 min read

Baseball Colombia TV gains global customers with StreamViral's Sports OTT solution

Chema Fernández Diaz
Co-Founder, StreamViral
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Since Baseball Colombia TV (LPB) launched their OTT platform on 8 December, they are announcing they have already surpassed some milestones in their global branding and muti-media strategy. Their first goal was to secure the global distribution of all games to make them available live and on-demand. The second goal was to take their brand from a domestic league within Columbia to a global brand, by increasing their fan engagement across the world.

Since the launch of their OTT platform, hosted and white labelled by OTT provider StreamViral, in less than a week they were seeing a dramatic daily take-up of subscribers from outside of Colombia, from countries as far away as Korea but also a keen subscriber base in countries closer to home including Venezuela and the USA.

Though increasing brand awareness and monetizing content was a major aim for the LPB, a third tangible benefit for the league is the analytics of the platform provided by StreamViral, included as part of the OTT project. In a world where data enables better decision making and has by some being quoted “as the new oil”, StreamViral include a range of data points for their customers that provides a better knowledge of the audience for future marketing campaigns. This will allow LPB to direct more effective campaigns to their potential fanbase for a better return on their investment.

In the words of Ricardo Mendoza Puccini, Sales & Marketing Director of LPB: “We are delighted with the launch of Beisbol Colombia TV, the workflow and the user experience to is being excellent from the first minute. Now we are defining marketing and communication actions for the local and global promotion."

For Isobelle Benge, CTO of Stream Viral, the professionalism of the LPB was key to go to market faster than ever: “At Stream Viral we are used to launching a platform in record time, a deployment that for other companies is unacceptable, we make it possible. In this case, we are very satisfied with the collaboration of the LPB and the team in charge of the project. For us, the launch of the project means the supervision of the operation, and simultaneously the training of the client staff, so they can monitor all the workflow and analytics from the backend. "