14 May, 2021 4 min read

Stream Viral chosen by Liga Mexicana de Beisbol to launch Jonron.TV

Chema Fernández Diaz
Co-Founder, StreamViral
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Stream Viral was chosen as the OTT streaming platform provider for the Liga Mexicana de Beisbol (LMB). Since the league's creation on February 24, 1925, it has gone from strength to strength. LMB’s 2021 season starts on May 20, 2021 with over 18 clubs competing for the championship; the playoffs will commence on August 7, 2021 and the finals start on September 9, 2021.

By choosing Stream Viral, LMB will be launching their exclusive OTT platform to broadcast all LMB games with the aim of reach over 45 million inhabitants in eight of the 10 largest cities across Mexico, as well as a new global audience. With almost 600 games per year including the playoffs, fans of LMB clubs can now follow and stay on top of action with their favorite teams.

The platform provided by Stream Viral aims to help LMB distribute their content globally, engage with new audiences, provide current LMB fans with a new digital experience, add a new source of revenue for the league and follow the strategy of many global sports brands.
Isobelle Benge, Co-Founder and CTO, Stream Viral, commented on the achievement, “we are excited to onboard our first baseball league. Working with the team at LMB, we hope to bring the leagues baseball fans closer to the action with the broadcast technology untilized by LMB. The opportunity to help LMB reach more fans not only within Mexico but also across global markets is at the heart of Stream Viral’s ethos – providing a first in class OTT solution for the fans.”

A Strategic Partnership

The Head of Sales for Latin American, Chema Fernández Díaz stated, “the team at Stream Viral are delighted to be a strategic partner of LMB. By working together, we can help LMB reach more fans but also help enhance the profile of the league through social media and digital marketing.” 

Source: LMB “One of the goals at LMB was to fully embrace the digital world by launching an OTT platform. Working with a team as professional as Stream Viral will catapult us to the next level for our fans. We are positioned for growth to meet the demands of fans in Mexico but also worldwide, “ stated Horacio de la Vega, Executive President, LMB. 

“The plan is to engage with subscribers from across the global who will be able to enjoy baseball that is played in Mexico.” Source: LMB 

Fans of LMB will have different subscriptions to choose from. In addition, the league will provide exclusive interviews and content for their dedicated fan base. 

Further commenting on the partnership, Isobelle Benge, added: “OTT continues to grow year-on-year. By having an online platform, leagues, sports teams or federations, have abundant opportunities to connect with their fans and open up new revenue streams. Stream Viral's unique revenue share model and expertise in the marketplace helps open up these previously untapped revenue streams to our partners at zero risk. I am proud that Stream Viral can help provide OTT solutions to help organizations build their online platform.”