21 November, 2023 2 min read

StreamViral the Preferred OTT Provider for the British Speedway Network

Chema Fernández Diaz
Co-Founder, StreamViral
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British Speedway, the heart-pounding, high-speed motorcycle racing spectacle that has captivated audiences for generations, is now set to redefine the way fans can experience this exhilarating sport online. StreamViral, a leading sports OTT streaming service provider, in partnership with Exstream Media, has been chosen as the OTT provider for the British Speedway Network to provide a broadcast channel for British Speedway's fan base. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in delivering top-quality live streaming, combating piracy, providing invaluable statistics, and enabling content monetization.

The British Speedway Network has established itself as an official streaming channel for British Speedway racing events. Speedway racing in the United Kingdom is characterized by high-speed motorcycle races on oval circuits, creating a riveting spectacle that has garnered a devoted following.

Martin Hunter, Technical Director of Exstream Media said “The success of the implementation is evident in the seamless migration from the previous OTT provider.  StreamViral was chosen for several compelling reasons including the fact they understood the issues we were facing and had answers. The platform's unique features, exceptional value proposition, and unwavering support for our specific requirements sets them apart from their competitors.”

Key Highlights of StreamViral's Selection:

  • Advanced Anti-Piracy Measures: StreamViral boasts a robust anti-piracy solution, including the option for forensic watermarking upon request. This feature is a critical asset in identifying and taking action against illegal stream sharing, effectively safeguarding the intellectual property of British Speedway.
  • Enhanced User Experience: In contrast to the previous supplier, StreamViral offered ease of use, especially when connecting to their smart TVs which had proved to be issue with the old provider.
  • Flexible Payment Subscriptions: StreamViral's payment subscription flexibility aligns seamlessly with the unique needs of the British Speedway Network.
  • Seamless Migration: StreamViral's migration plan includes the seamless transfer of an existing URL, subscription data, and email addresses. This critical facet of the transition ensures a smooth shift to the new platform with minimal disruption to the fan base.
  • Customization: StreamViral provides the option for screen and site customization, enabling the British Speedway Network to tailor the platform to its unique branding and content requirements, creating a truly immersive experience for fans.
  • Integration of Latest News: StreamViral supports the integration of the latest news sections and blog posts, enriching the platform's value as a hub for British Speedway enthusiasts. This integration not only engages fans but also drives traffic to the website, further enhancing the sport's visibility.


British Speedway fans can now look forward to an enhanced and more convenient viewing experience with Exstream Media and StreamViral as their chosen OTT provider.  They can sign up at https://watch.britishspeedway.co.uk/.

About StreamViral:

StreamViral is a leading OTT streaming service provider for sports committed to delivering high-quality streaming solutions tailored to the unique needs of its clients. With a strong focus on user experience, seamless migration, and ease of use, StreamViral is the go-to choice for mid tier, low tier, grass root sports and federations, seeking to take their streaming services to the next level. StreamViral also offers a choice of AI camera production tools offering a complete budget friendly end-to-end production-to-play-out solution.

About British Speedway:

British Speedway is a thrilling, high-speed motorcycle racing sport with a rich tradition in the United Kingdom. With a passionate fan base and a history that spans generations, British Speedway racing is an integral part of the country's sporting landscape.

About Exstream Media:

Exstream Media is a media solutions company specializing in digital content delivery and streaming services. As a streaming partner for British Speedway, Exstream Media plays a pivotal role in enhancing the viewing experience for fans worldwide.

Images by Taylor Lanning.