1 January, 0001 5 min read

Proximia showcasing OTT platform for handball

Chema Fernández Diaz
Co-Founder, StreamViral
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Polaris Comunicación and Stream Viral bring fans closer to the action for Pilota Valenciana with the first OTT platform for this traditional handball sport. The sport involves two teams with between two to five players. Similar to tennis, two individuals or teams are on a court separated by either a line on the ground or a net. A distinctive trait of Valencian pilota is that the spectators are often seated or standing very close to the court which means that they may be impacted by the ball and thus become an (unwilling) part of the game.

Led by Co-Founder and CTO Isobelle Benge, the team created the platform, went live and were able to take payments in 48hours. “We are excited to bring another sports platform to market. The team developed the platform in days to showcase Stream Viral’s agility and time to market. I am extremely proud of our accomplishment.”

Commenting on the achievement, Ricardo Villalba Molina, CEO, “Polaris Comunicación and Stream Viral created Europe's first proximity content OTT. Both companies want to bring OTT technology closer to provide a platform for local and regionalized content.

Over time, Stream Viral and Polaris Comunicación intend to consolidate Proximia as a meeting space for local artists and creators, thus opening a window to culture, sports and proximity communication.”

This is only the beginning for the Proximia plaform, as many more new sports and non-sports content will be released on the platform in the coming weeks