24 November, 2021 3 min read

Stream Viral launches revenue share opportunities for sports

Chema Fernández Diaz
Co-Founder, StreamViral
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Sports OTT Stream Viral offer Rev Share Plan

24 Novemeber 2021, London, UK – Stream Viral, an emerging OTT platform specializing in hosting live broadcasts for sports clubs and leagues, have announced a new revenue sharing model. This new pricing model allows customers on a budget access to an entry level system at a significant lower cost than a normally priced OTT service offering.

With an expectation that the Sports media streaming rights are expected to grow from current $50 billion to $85 billion in revenues by 2024, according to a ReThink report, Stream Viral are well positioned to offer existing clubs and leagues the opportunity to create a subscription based online TV channel, but with a shared risk or reward model, allowing smaller clubs to monetize their own content.

Isobelle Benge, co-founder at Stream Viral explains “We have a range of top tier customers and leagues, but we were often being approached by lower leagues and amateur clubs who liked the services we offered but were worried about the ongoing monthly costs. So, we decided to address that where we take a share in the subscription but offer the OTT platform at a much lower cost, in some cases for free.”

In a time of Covid where spectators cannot make it to site, the opportunity to watch their favourite team play online has never been more appealing. With an offering that can be taken up by many schools, universities and regional leagues, many fans including family members and friends, are willing to subscribe to see their local teams or family members play.

Isobelle continues “Stream Viral can easily offer a branded TV channel today for many sport clubs to monetize their content which in the past was beyond their realm. We offer a subscription service that can go down to a relatively low number of subscribers. We are even offering AI solutions to capture content so a live stream can be done without the need of a camera team if required. Every game can be created and viewed live online from anywhere in the world.”

About Stream Viral: Based in the UK but supporting global customers, Stream Viral offer the most comprehensive Over-The-Top (OTT) as a service video-streaming platform for sports leagues and federations. Their end-to-end white-label solutions are ideally placed to offer live streaming, video-on demand (VOD), encoding, user management, content protection and delivery services. The platform can be customized for branded apps. Their solutions are built on our powerful media cloud platforms, which provides unrivalled flexibility and power across the entire delivery workflow. Contact Stream Viral at partnerships@streamviral.video for additional information.