8 August, 2022 3 min read

StreamViral Slam-dunks the Cyprus Basketball Federation amongst its Clients

Chema Fernández Diaz
Co-Founder, StreamViral
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8 August 2022 – Leicester, UK - StreamViral has been selected as the new OTT sports provider of the Cyprus Basketball Federation. 

StreamViral, who specialize in providing customized broadcast channels for sports, has a speciality for cost effective solutions for league sports and federations but without compromising on the features required to proving high end coverage.

Sports OTT platforms provide a methodology for many clubs to monetize their sports content either through subscriptions or advertising, allowing their live games to be broadcast to a worldwide audience. It also allows them to take their fan engagement to a new level by building a recognized global brand, appealing to a wide range of demographics.

The Cyprus Basketball team was already distributing and monetizing its content through its own CBF.TV OTT channel but have decided to call upon the services and support of StreamViral. The short term priority was to ensure the seamless migration of all users and content to the new platform. This ensures that the current subscribers do not have to worry about taking any action to keep enjoying their favourite sport.

The Federation is the basketball body of Cyprus. They manage the national teams and the League, with 10 professional clubs, allowing fans to watch live all the national team and league games in one place, namely CBF.TV.

StreamViral have personalized their service for the CBF TV, providing new analytics for their marketing team to better understand their audience, and so allowing them to create better targeted marketing promotions. StreamViral also offers services, especially with some of their other “RevShare” clients, to target potential new clients and to keep engagement with existing subscribers. Some of the innovations will be a promotional focus within the clubs geographic areas, where StreamViral will create special designs and text that for example, will have an impact on SEO search terms allowing them to be more easily discovered.

Andreas Christofi, from the CBF Communication Department stated: "We are excited with the experience that StreamViral has working with sports organizations such as ours.  We are sure their  background will help us to boost our branding and business objectives.”.

Isobelle Benge, co-founder and CTO of StreamViral, expressed: "Basketball is a very well-known court for us. We have helped other leagues to improve their fan engagement and the intention is to transfer all that experience to the Federation. We are delighted with this agreement that adds to our growing portfolio of customers."